Childrens Story in templates

“When the North Pole became Too Cold”

“One of the greatest stories ever told” Personalized with names and photos for your child. Perfect for anyone child or adult who believes in Santa.

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A One Act Comedy by Joe Beach

“Santa’s Troubles”

Guide to Staging in 6 hours.

No memorization of lines. You can use the script or with a little practice memory jogging index cards. No staging required: A table, and a couple of chairs. A lecturn and a microphone are great add-ons. All you need is 5-7 players and the desire to have fun. “Santa’s Troubles” is a very funny play that will carry itself. .

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A Short One Act Comedy by Joe Beach

“It’s Tooo Cccolddd”

Guide to Staging in 6 hours.

Company Holiday Parties, Senior and Community Centers, High Schools, Colleges, really almost any group of 25 or more. Wonderful fundraiser opportunity.

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About Xanadu

Xanadu was created


Joseph Beach

Because writing, acting, and grandchildren are fun!

It is our hope that you will take something of ours to add fun to your lives.

Because children love books where they are acknowledged with pictures and text we have created a number of template stories. See for a full list. We believe these template stories encourage reading and they do not cost $15-$20.

The author’s acting group brought “Santa’s Troubles” to senior centers, church groups, companies, and as fund raisers. Audiences loved the silly, heart-warming humor and it was an alternative to the usual meal and caroling. None of us had acting experience, we all made mistakes, and things invariably went wrong, yet the only scary thing were the reindeer…..


We have kept our prices very low because our goal is more to provide fun than to make money. If you have a worthy cause and your people cannot afford our charges just let us know. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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We offered a $50 prize for anyone guessing twist at the end of “The Green Game.” No Winners.

Book Title: The Green Game by Joseph Beach
Available on Amazon Click Here

“The Green Game.” is a twist filled exciting mystery about eco-responsibility, youth, politics, education and intrigue, set in the Greater Twin Cities where the author, Joe Beach lives. The White House, Russian Mafia, the giant oil company United Petro , and a secret group from North Mpls are suspects that the three teenagers and the master detective, The Commander, must confront. Within the story, the call to “green” is real. It is a story that celebrates youth, creativity, and ultimately justice.


Terms of use:
  1. If you intend to produce the play you can copy the script. You can cut, edit or change the play in any way. This includes scaling the play to the length you want.
  2. Remember “Its Too Cccolddd” is copy write protected. You may use these materials for promotion. You may video tape your performances.
  3. A royalty is due prior to performance any time all or part of a play is performed in front of any size audience, whether or not admission is charged. This includes school assemblies and audience-attended “dress rehearsals.” This includes readings of the play.
  4. If you pay your actors a union equivalent wage you are considered professional. Professional groups must contact Xanadu.
TemplatesPer Template
Per Template Story Created $4.00
20% Non-Profit Discount $3.60
20% Volumne Discount - 10 or more $2.40
PlaysPer Performance
Per Template Story Created $60.00
2 or more performances (min $80 payment) $40.00
Paid actor performancescall us

Taxes and Fees included. Send payment to Xanadu ...

Non-profit discount 15%


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